Here is a Nice Easy Way to Breed Bushynose Plecos

Albiino Bushynose Pleco Male

Bushynose plecos are one of the main-stays of the freshwater aquarium. They do great in almost any tropical fish tank and rarely harass or harm any other fish. They also hold their own quite well with all but the most aggressive of fish, especially if they have nooks and crannies to hide in. There are a couple of things you need to do to set yourself up for successfully breeding bushynose plecos.

The first is make sure you have a tank you can dedicate to a family of bushynose. We recommend a 40 gallon aquarium, but it can be done easily in a 20 gallon as well. The 20 long would be nice.

The second thing you need to do is acquire a breeding group. Ideally you will end up with 1 male and 4-5 females. Having more than one male often ends up in the males fighting more than breeding.

Generally you will purchase 6-8 juvenile fish and let them grow up! You can easily sex them. The males will get very bushy faces and the females will not. They may have a touch of stubble, but not the characteristic bushy-nose.

Feeding Bushynose Plecos

Feeding is VERY important for bushynose plecos! They need a varied diet that consists of mostly plants foods. They also need driftwood in their tank. It is believed that the wood helps them to keep their digestion going and prevents bloat in them. Try foods like romaine lettuce, zucchini, and spirulina flakes. Do not cook/blanch the veggies. Just find an old fork and let that hold the veggies down. Remember to never leave food in the tank more than 24 hours. If it starts to rot and break down it will ruin your water quality. This is a good suggestion for most pleco species. If you are looking for an easy to use prepared food try algae wafers. Make sure to keep the food diverse though. Too many wafers or prepared foods can bind your bushynose up.

Once your fish are around 3" long they will be getting close to breeding size. The male should have a nice place to retreat to. Clay pots, or any other type of cave works great. When the female is ready to breed she will enter the pot/cave with the male and the spawning should commence.

The females only job is to lay the eggs. She will leave everything else up to the male.

The male will stay with the eggs until the fry are large enough to leave the cave on their own. He really is a good dad.


bushynose pleco cave bottomBushynose Pleco CaveBushynose pleco tank
Here you can see the plexiglass bottom that was glued to the bottom of the cave. This makes a nice window so you can see your fish and eggs, without really disturbing anyone!
The male bushynose pleco will hangout inside the cave waiting for a female to come by. He will remain with the eggs and babies until they are ready to leave the cave.

A good bushynose pleco tank will have driftwood, plants and plenty of hiding places!

Raising Bushynose Pleco Fry

You feed the baby bushynose plecos the same way as the adults. Lots of romaine lettuce, zucchini and spirulina flakes.

This is a great time to remind you of the number one lesson if fish keeping. WATER CHANGE, WATER CHANGE, WATER CHANGE. Lots of food and babies = lots of waste!

Also, did you know that frequent large water changes can actually almost double the growth rate of the babies? (This means daily 50% changes)

Do you breed bushynose plecos, or have questions!?

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Bushynose Pleco (Ancistrus temminckii)

Quick Facts:
Size: 5-6"
Habitat: South American Steams
Water: PH 6-7.6
Temperature: 70-80 degrees
Breeding: Cave Spawner
Peaceful and avid algae eater